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How much should I set for a drawing lesson?

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You give drawing lessons, so you must necessarily have a minimum of plastic arts equipment at home.

And all this investment necessarily has an impact on the price to be set for your drawing lessons !

Indeed, any good drawing teacher continues to draw for his pleasure. You will therefore have your own drawing material in a room reserved for this purpose!

If you receive your students at home, the service sometimes includes giving or lending drawing paper, pencils, kneaded erasers, charcoal, etc.

To offer different drawing techniques, any good drawing teacher must have at least a box of dry pastels, oil pastels, but also a box of lead pencils.

On the painting side, you can choose to offer oil paint or acrylic paint. To complete it all:

  • Paper plates to serve as pallets,
  • Bottle bottoms,
  • brush sets
  • And paint knives will also be expected.

Finally, don’t forget the fixing material, such as drawing clips , which allow you to hold a sheet on a drawing board to work vertically and the paper tape very useful for delimiting the edges of a table.

The essential: the spray can of hairspray or fixative bought in a specialized drawing and painting store to fix the color.

That makes it drawing material! And you will have to take this into account when the time comes to set your hourly rate!

For example, a drawing course climbs to €21.95 / hour on average on Superprof!

Other elements must be taken into account when choosing your hourly rate, namely:

  • The level of the student: a course for beginners does not require as much preparation in advance as a course for students preparing for the competition at the Beaux Arts or in other art schools. Take this into account in your hourly rate,
  • Your diplomas: if you are an accomplished artist and you attended a great art school and left with the famous diploma in your pocket, you can more easily increase your prices,
  • Your experience: if you have taught students in a prestigious school or if you have been a painter for more than 10 years, you can use your experience to enhance the price of your lessons,
  • Travel to the student’s home: you can have your own art studio and offer courses and internships directly on your premises. However, when starting out, it is more likely that you will have to travel to the student’s home. Travel costs should be factored into your fare or added extra depending on the distance you will need to travel,
  • Your place of residence: if you live in a big city, the hourly rates will generally be higher than if you live in open country. But not always precisely because of travel, which is greater in the countryside than in town,
  • The number of lessons you will give: it is common to offer advantageous packages to students taking a lot of lessons. You can offer a reduction of 10 or 20% to those who commit to more than 10 lessons with you, for example.

Base yourself on the competition to set your price: neither too high to be able to find customers, nor too low to avoid unfair competition and to be able to earn sufficient income.

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