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Preparing for a Job Interview in English – How to do it?

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Job Interview

Whether by Skype or “ face to face ”, having a job interview is never easy. It is all the more difficult when it comes to a job interview in English when you are French-speaking.


  1. Get the job interview
  2. Before the job interview
  3. The course of a job interview in English
  4. Example of a job interview in English
  5. The qualities to highlight during a job interview in English
  6. Last tips for a successful job interview in English

Get the job interview

Congratulation ! If you got a job interview in English, it’s because you applied for a job offer or spontaneously. You have surely written a CV and a cover letter in English and now it’s time for “ speaking English ” live.

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If you apply for a foreign company and it gives you a job interview in English, your recruiters will not be there to assess your language level. It will be a job interview like any other.

Your command of English should help you pass this interview under the same conditions as an interview in French.

Here is some useful vocabulary:

  • To look for a job  : look for a job.
  • To apply for a position (as a waitress)  : apply for a job (as a waitress).
  • To meet the requirements listed in the job advertisement  : to meet the requirements specified in the job advertisement.
  • To emphasize strengths  : highlight assets.
  • To focus on one’s achievements  : to focus on someone’s achievements.
  • Quality  : quality.
  • Skill/competence : skill.
  • To succeed (in something)  : to succeed (in something).
  • Shortcoming : défaut.
  • Failure  : failure.
  • To fail (in something)  : to fail (in something).

Before the job interview

Introduce yourself in a friendly manner

It helps to politely introduce yourself and ask your interviewer if they are okay and having a good day. This will also help to relax the atmosphere.

Show an interest in the company

Before you introduce yourself, find out about the company on the Internet. This information will help you explain why the position interests you.

Be relevant to your experiences

In your English cover letter or CV, remember that employers want information that matches the position to be filled.

Focus on the skills and qualifications that interest them.

Check your data

Write down and check all the information you will need on D-Day (address, recruiter’s name, etc.).

Prepare questions

Prepare a list of questions to ask your recruiter beforehand.


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