May 26, 2024

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A happier educational model at tas school awaits your children

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Finland was called the happiest country in the world for the fifth time consecutively in 2022. Everybody there, including the children, the future of us- is happy, content, and lives life to the fullest.

Being happy is not taken in terms of enjoying, dancing, and laughing. The Finnish style of happiness depends on the quality of life of the people there.

Are they living the best life,

are they able to control the decisions in their lives,

do they feel safe there,

do they get to spend quality time with their family members, are they productive in society, and are the children happy with their education system?

Most children all over the world look for education that is less strenuous, more enjoyable, and helpful in the long run. Finland is one such place where there is no rigorous grading system, no competition, no stressful mornings, less homework, and more outside work.

India ranks 136th in the happiness quotient all over the world. Happiness is hard to find in India. But don’t worry; there is one such school in India, particularly in Pune, the TAS School, where happiness means everything to Mrs. Saroj Raman, the Principal.

The school has wholeheartedly adopted the happier educational model of Finland. The following are the attributing features of the same –

  • The core values of this ICSE School in Pune are Empathy, Nation Building, Respect, Integrity, Confidence, and Resilience.
  • The whole focus of The Academy School in Pune is to promote the essence of mindfulness. Particularly in planning and execution.
  • The Preschool in Pune aims to make kids enjoy basic amenities of life – like the rainy weather. When it rains outside in Finland, the school makes the kids wear boots and go out to enjoy the rain. It helps in getting the kids accustomed to nature.
  • The Academy School looks forward to teaching kids in local languages. This way, the kid can become multilingual and understand the language he is not comfortable with.
  • The ICSE School in Pune, Wakad wants to focus on cognitive, physical, social, emotional, physical, and critical thinking capacities. This focus can help them in the long run when they face difficult situations.

One of the received reviews from the parents goes as – My kid was shy. But in the environment provided by The Academy School in Pune, my kid participated in plays and sang choirs. I like the culture of the school. It is pretty encouraging and acts as a guidepost for the kids.

If you wish to know more about the school, be conversant with the team by calling us at +91 7721 935 935 or +91 7666 906 168.

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