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What to Expect in English Tuition for Secondary School Students

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What to Expect in English Tuition for Secondary School Students

Students will speak more confidently and achieve success in all areas with the aid of English enrichment. But for teenagers, completing this challenging phase of their academic career is only one important goal. Your child should be encouraged to develop a global attitude and the fundamental skills required to prosper both now and in the future via enthusiastic, team-based instruction at the best secondary English tutoring centre.

English’s function in Singapore

One of Singapore’s four official languages is English. It is our lingua franca and the language of business and government, and its function in Singaporean society is still developing.

Over the past 50 years, Singapore has seen incredible development. Despite the modest size of our island, it has quickly emerged from adversity to become a critical worldwide trade country with a dynamic melting pot culture. An essential component of establishing ties with our fellow citizens and the global society is internationalism, along with bilingualism.

The ability to speak English fluently and confidently is becoming more and more crucial in today’s globalised society, which is dominated by the internet. Moreover, as a common tongue, it promotes excellent interpersonal communication and provides Singaporeans with a sustained competitive edge in all spheres of life, including education.

How English enrichment promotes academic achievement and the future

English lessons not only help students with their language and test abilities but also get them out of the typical classroom setting and help them develop their independence as learners. As a result, students can get the individualised attention they need to meet their academic difficulties while also gaining skills like creativity and citizenship that will help them even after their O-Levels. In addition, your kid will be able to address new problems with greater confidence and realise their full potential at school and in the future if you give them a chance to improve their communication skills.

What to expect

Any effective tuition programme should place a heavy focus on developing students’ intercultural confidence, critical thinking abilities, and in-depth reading abilities in order to help them learn English for the real world.

For example, students should partake in the following:

  • Engaging speaking lessons with a highly qualified instructor who will give them the confidence to communicate their thoughts honestly, utilising complicated communication.
  • Through presentations, entertaining discussions, vlogging, and interviews, you may develop your confidence in utilising English in various situations.
  • Fostering a global mentality, which assists pupils in succeeding in school, and easing the transfer to higher education, learn about thought-provoking real-world themes, including internet awareness, linguistic diversity, future societies, and emotional literacy.
  • Developing fundamental life skills, such as teamwork, leadership, critical thinking, and digital competence, to provide young students with the tools and resiliency they need to handle the changing challenges of the twenty-first century.

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